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Why are See and Sing® video scores the best choral practice files?

Choir Practice Files - Choral Video Score Midi - Free Trial Download

Free trial score and video score practice parts for

If Ye Love Me (SATB)
Thomas Tallis (c1505 - 1585)

America the Beautiful (SATB)
Katharine Lee Bates - Samuel A. Ward

The .pdf score files are public domain from the Choral Public Domain Library

You may download them from this site
(If Ye Love Me)   (America the Beautiful) or from If Ye Love Me   America the Beautiful at the Choral Public Domain Library.

Please read the
Choral Public Domain Library License before downloading. If the previous link does not work, read a cached version of it here on this site.

The video practice files may either be burned to a CD and copied for your singers or e-mailed to them as attachments or posted to a password-protected website.  If posting the files to a password-protected website, both the .swf and .html files must be in the same folder, but only the .html file should have a link on the page.   If e-mailing the files, send only one pair of .html and .swf files attached to each e-mail since the .swf files are large.  Each singer should thus be sent 2 e-mails, one with the full score video .html and .swf files attached and one with their part video .html and .swf files attached.  An easy way to do this is to set up one e-mail list including all the choristers for the full score video and an e-mail list for each of the parts, SATB, with the respective part video attached.

The singers should download all the .html and .swf email attachment files into one folder on their computer's hard drive, or they may be played directly from a CD if you prefer.  To play the files, double-click on the .html (browser icon) file.  The video will open in a new tab or a new window and auto-play once.  If posted to a password-protected website, singers can play the files by logging in to the page and simply clicking on the .html link.   There are Play, Pause and Stop buttons at the bottom of the window for repeated playing.

An alternative to viewing the files in a browser is to download and install the freeware Eltima SWF player.  This need only be done once. Then the .swf files can be played by simply double-clicking on them without using the .html file at all.   The Eltima player can also create playlists of .swf files and can start at any point in the file, rather than only at the beginning as in the .html file.  This makes it possible to focus on a particularly difficult section of a piece rather than viewing the entire file from start to finish each time.   Versions for Windows and Mac are included.

The video file download links are below.  Right-click on each one and click "Save target as..." or click on the link below to download all the files together in a ZIP archive.  The ZIP archives are only a little smaller than the total file size of the individual files (about 30 MB or 50 MB) but it may be more convenient than downloading the individual files.  The Windows SWF player file is "swf_flv_player.exe".   The Mac SWF player file is "swf_flv_player.dmg".   I am sure you and your choristers will enjoy learning these pieces with
See and Sing® video score part practice files.  E-mail me at and let me know how it went!

Download Windows SWF player   Download Mac SWF player

ZIP archive of all practice files and score for If Ye Love Me

Download If Ye Love Me PDF public domain score
If Ye Love Me - Full Score.swf If Ye Love Me - Full Score.html
If Ye Love Me - Soprano Part.swf If Ye Love Me - Soprano Part.html
If Ye Love Me - Alto Part.swf If Ye Love Me - Alto Part.html
If Ye Love Me - Tenor Part.swf If Ye Love Me - Tenor Part.html
If Ye Love Me - Bass Part.swf If Ye Love Me - Bass Part.html

ZIP archive of all practice files and score for America the Beautiful

Download America the Beautiful PDF public domain score
America the Beautiful - Full Score.swf America the Beautiful - Full Score.html
America the Beautiful - Soprano Part.swf America the Beautiful - Soprano Part.html
America the Beautiful - Alto Part.swf America the Beautiful - Alto Part.html
America the Beautiful - Tenor Part.swf America the Beautiful - Tenor Part.html
America the Beautiful - Bass Part.swf America the Beautiful - Bass Part.html